Nevett Ford Lawyers’ Litigation and Workplace Relations Group practises in all aspects of civil, commercial and workplace related litigation.

The team includes Philip Brewin an LIV accredited specialist in workplace relations and all members are experienced in litigation.

The team regularly posts blogs and other updates on recent developments and cases.

The team works closely with Nevett Ford Lawyers’ commercial, family, migration teams and general services to provide comprehensive one-stop advice to businesses and individuals.

We provide tailored advice and assistance to both employers and employees in workplace relations matters and to individuals and companies who want to initiate or defend civil litigation.

The team has expert knowledge and experience across all courts and tribunals. What sets the team apart is dedication to our clients, teamwork, a client focussed approach and emphasis on early dispute resolution.

Mediation is a process within litigation designed to manage and resolve disputes between parties. It is an efficient and effective method of dispute resolution that can help to preserve relationships.

The team has been involved in numerous mediations for parties whether for institutions or private clients in all manner of disputes.

Whomever they are working for the team knows that mediation works best when they have ‘lived and breathed’ the dispute from their clients perspective and then brought their considerable legal knowledge and experience to bear to advise the clients on the risks of litigation and how best to manage them.

Mediation provides the opportunity for parties to discover the interests and concerns of each party, to define the disputes more clearly, and agree on procedures or methods of resolving substantive issues. The process asks parties to analyse their dispute in relation to their interests rather than their positions and a mediator assists them in resolving the dispute.

Nevett Ford Lawyers prides itself on building quality relationships with its clients to achieve their objectives.